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Officially I started the journey to become involved in construction training in 2015. I would look at others getting trained on the machines and think I could do that, but better, in a different way. 

I had always grown up around construction machinery, having been brought up in an agricultural background and had a good understanding of its limitations and safety aspects. 

Now jump to 2022 and a lot of courses and assessments later I am ready to offer you a personal solution to all aspects of training from refresher days to full novice course durations. 

I cover both CPCS and NPORS and a wide variety of plant within those two exam boards. 

I am also able to offer NVQs so you can turn any plant construction card from red to blue. 

Even if you don't book with me or just need some advice on the schemes and where to take your career I can be the one you speak to. 

The phone is always on so remember to #justasktom  - 07808 529755

Thanks for reading

Tom King

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